Solar System Jigsaw Floor Puzzle


Solar System Jigsaw Floor Puzzle By @webbytoys

Harmeet Kaur Mehra

Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle – It’s a Solar system puzzle 60 Pcs with 4 Double Sided Flashcards. It’s a Creative and Learning Toy for kids . And It’s for Age 3+ Kids . I really liked that the puzzle was circular. Definitely helped in motor skill enhancement. Recommend for Both Boys and Girls.

The Quality of Cupboard is really good. And the Double side flashcards are very Knowledgable. The Print on the Puzzle Card is of very good quality and attractive because of that it attract the attention of kids . Because of such a good quality of cupboard card it fixes so easily and smoothly . It’s very engaging and interesting for the kid. I would recommend it for 5yrs and above who is interested in space science and wanted to learn the names of Solar System . It’s an Educational Toy.

And the Price of Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle is ₹229/- And in this price range this is the best quality Jigsaw Puzzle .

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Webby Amazing Solar System Jigsaw Floor Puzzle 60 Pcs with 4 Double Sided Flashcards


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