Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Coloring Books


Harmeet Kaur Mehra

Magic Water Book Water Coloring Book with Water Pen for Kids and toddlers.

Magic Water Coloring Book is a Learning Toy. With this toy kids can learn colors and also in this book they have given some hidden pictures and which kids have to find that pictures while coloring. It is good for Hand-eye coordination, color perception, inspire the imagination, cognitive ability.

It’s a learning toy with Graffiti Drawing book gives kids the perfect space to express themselves creatively.

The best part of this coloring book is that it is durable and reusable – Just fill the magic pen with water and draw on the magic doodle coloring book. Once it gets dry the drawing started fade away and then you can use the book again and again

No-mess painting for kids! This book doesn’t need colors just one water coloring pen to color the whole book. Simply use the pen to color in each scene–details and vibrant color appear with every stroke! Kids Love to Play with this Lovely coloring Book.

Price – 399/ Indian Rupees

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