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Computer glasses are prescription glasses that are designed to wear when doing computer work. They allow you to focus your eyes on a computer screen, which is farther away than reading material is normally held. These specialty glasses called task-specific are designed to meet the visual needs of the activity. Computer glasses may help to relieve digital eye strain and they can block or filter blue light from your screen too. What you may not realize is how the glare of blue light is affecting your sight. Comfort and flexibility are the two things which parents wants in for their kids. Vincent Chase brings these rectangular full rims in TR90 structure for your little munchkins. TR90 makes these frames durable, lightweight and allow them to maintain their resistance to corrosion. These frames are perfect for those kids who have round or oblong facial structure. Owlers Kids Collections is uniquely crafted for the geeky, studious and smart young masters who intend to look wiser than their age, yet remain to be a topper in style. With plenty of shapes and colourful designs, this collection not only gives away a vibrant appeal but also brings more charm to the little ones faces.