AdiChai Multi Colored 72 Pcs Mega Jumbo Happy Home House Building Blocks with Attractive Windows and Smooth Rounded Edges – Building Blocks Toys and Games for Kids (72 Blocks) – Blocks Game Toy Review India (Iknoor World )

AdiChai Multi Colored 72 Pcs Mega Jumbo Happy Home House Building Blocks with Attractive Windows and Smooth Rounded Edges – Building Blocks Toys and Games for Kids (72 Blocks) – Blocks Game Toy Review India (Iknoor World )

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Toy Review India (Iknoor World )

Product Description

AdiChai ToysAdiChai Toys

When the children reach the right age, they begin to exert their incomparable curiosity and imagination. At this time, mothers should choose a suitable building block toy for their children. Building block toys are the best early education toys for training children’s intelligence. It offers more opportunities to use their imagination and creativity. Children need to think about what they want to build before they set up. They must observe and think about what kind of block to use to reflect the image they conceived. Therefore, children’s imagination, structural thinking, and styling ability are very good exercises, and It can develop children’s spatial awareness, creativity, play the children’s organizational strength and understanding, enhance endurance and interest in architectural science.

Fun With FamilyFun With Family

Fun With Family

The meaning of play for children is not just as simple as getting happiness. Play is also closely related to the child’s intellectual development. In the process of playing, children can learn a lot and promote the development of their various abilities. If parents can play with their children during leisure time and use the things and materials they are exposed to during their childhood, they can educate their children so that they not only gain a lot of knowledge in a relaxed, unrestrained atmosphere experience.

Building BlocksBuilding Blocks

Building Blocks Are Intimate Companions For Children’s Games And An Important Teaching Aid For Educating

First of all, Since the building blocks are material toys, a single block of bricks is meaningless, and only when these blocks are combined into an image of the object can life activities be reflected. Therefore, building blocks can provide children with a vast space to imagine, which can effectively promote children’s creative thinking development and cultivate children’s creative ability.

At the same time, the children in the fight to build blocks, exercise the flexibility of the hand, eye-hand coordination, use the brain and brain to make them feel sensitive, and lay a good foundation for future study. The combination of building blocks is a meticulous work. A building requires dozens of blocks to build. Therefore, the child is required to be serious, careful and determined. In the joint construction activities, children can also form good collective morality and enhance their artistic knowledge and skills in three-dimensional modeling.

Great CastleGreat Castle

Can Build Man Shapes From Beautiful House to Great Castle

The Interlocking blocks can build many shapes. Your kids could play these building toys with his/her classmates or friends. For example: toy boxes, pencil case, tissue box and other things. Little waffle blocks are not only toys, but also building practical things.

Castle was great building that little one could also build.


Tightly Stitched and No Burrs

Easy installation and removal,perfect for children . The blocks snugly fit into each other. A child could easily fit and remove them. Little children get attracted by bright colors. These blocks are very brightly colored.

The surface is very smooth without any burrs. Of Course we don’t want any child to get hurt . We care for them as much as you do. And when he.she would enjoy it would make us Happy.

Colorful BricksColorful Bricks

Colorful Bricks

Multiple color, the child can choose the color they like to build the shape..

Please don’t think much. Your Valuable Child Will Enjoy and Learn a Lot.

This Mega Home Building Block contains 72 pieces in The Toys and Games Category. So you can not only build Happy Home but Many Happy Palatial Homes and that too in many Shapes And Size.
Detachable windows provide to enhance the beauty of the home you build. Unleash Your child’s imagination using this building blocks and with 72 pieces there are options galore and whole lot a child could do.
The Pieces nicely fit into each other. The pieces are made of high quality plastic and ultimate care has been taken to make all the edges smooth and rounded. You will not find any sharp edges.
Totally Harmless for your child with non toxic plastic material used. Gift your little one with the exiting Puzzles Blocks sets which will take your child to his dream world. These sets will improve your Child’s creative and imagination skills which will enhance his/her thoughts.