ANITED Wooden Creative Blocks Educational Buliding Game Set 360 pcs Imported Domino with Box for Kids Standard 12 Colors (Milticolor) (360 PCS) Toy Review India (Iknoor World )


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Toy Review India (Iknoor World )
ANITED Great and super fun toy for your kids to play, push one of them, it will have a chain of effect. develop math, science, spatial and tactile skills

  •  it will develop your kids imagination 
  • It cultivates children’s creativity, enhance self
  • confidence. Parents may also participate in the game, emphasising your family relationship. 
  • Develop Math, Science, Spatial and Tactile Skills and it will develop your kids imagination. 
  • Best to gift kids, toddler as it is non toxic. 
  • Perfect rectangle & all pieces are exact same size so that you can make large and solid structures.

Great Variety in Colors:Bright, vibrant colors makes this toy easy to attract kids attention.In the process of building a model,child can identify a variety of colors, master the structure of space, to improve the child’s creative thinking ability.
Cultivate Creativity & Imagination: Child can create various patterns, which can help your children to encourage creativity, enhance their imagination, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination.
It cultivates children’s creativity, enhance self-confidence. Parents may also participate in the game, your family relationship
Will create a beautiful atmosphere for your wedding , Material feature wood , Great fun toy for your kids to play. It will develop your kid’s imagination