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Toy Review India (Iknoor World )
This crazy and fun cards drinking game is a great way to have a fabulous time at your next party. With simple and easy instructions this set of cards for adults is a great way to break the ice, ensure the success of your party and of course get everyone drunk. Cards include instructions, small quizzes or games to play to get people to drink. And there’s alcohol trivia spread across the cards that makes for interesting reading during the game itself.

How to play: Everyone picks up a card from the deck in sequence and answers questions, completes dares, votes for someone or does whatever the card instructs. There are cards that allow a player to skip a drink or force someone else. There’s also cool trivia on alcohol spread throughout the cards. Each round results in someone or the other drinking until eventually everyone’s drunk.
Includes interesting alcohol trivia spread across the cards
Make your party a success with this perfect ice-breaker
Ideal for birthday, anniversary or other parties with drinking. Recommended for age groups and locations where drinking is allowed. Always drink responsibly.