1800+ Reward Stickers – Ideal For Teachers And Parents : Sticker Book With Over 1800 Stickers To Boost The Moral Of Kids Toy Review India (Iknoor World )


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Toy Review India (Iknoor World )

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1800+ Reward Stickers – Ideal For Teachers And Parents : Sticker Book

This is the perfect reward sticker book to motivate children to learn good habits and maintain a positive behavior in school. With over 1800+ stickers ranging from colorful smiley faces to cute animals, the book will help encourage your child and reinforce positive behavior. The stickers carry motivational phrases like “Great efforts”, “Wow!”, “Keep it up!”, “Well done!”, and more. It’s an ideal book for teachers and parents to help their child form good habits.

Develops Good Habits

The book is a great tool for teachers and parents to help children develop good habits such as brushing their teeth, bathing every day, tidying up their room, toilet training, and sharing with others.

Encourages Children to Maintain a Positive Behavior

Present stickers to your little ones for every task they perform well and every good habit they form. It encourages the child to maintain a positive behavior at home and prepares them for school.

Size and Dimensions

The ‘Reward Sticker Book’ has an attractive red cover and high-quality stickers inside. The book measures 27.94 cm in length and 21.59 cm in breadth.

Improves the Child’s Personal Skills

Rewarding stickers for every good deed reinforces positive habits and also improves the child’s personal skills. These stickers keep the child motivated and interested in completing challenges which makes them more confident and betters their social skills.