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Intelliskills Magnetic Number Fun Math Addition Subtraction Multiplication and Division – 144 Pieces

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Key Features:
Developed by renowned Expert Educators at FirstCry Intellitots Preschool, specialising in early learning
The Magnetic Number Fun game helps in learning numbers, developing arithmetic skills, and use of math operators
Builds calculation skills and number recognition by arranging 80 number and 64 operator magnets to perform basic calculations
Helps in promoting a child’s calculation and cognitive skills by introducing them to maths through this fun-powered activity
Enhances spatial ability and logical intelligence in a child
Fosters valuable maths skills to help them better prepare for school

Know More About This Product
To ensure your little one’s getting the ideal child development aid they deserve, check out our Magnetic Number Fun set. Here’s how it will help your child:
Recognition and Connection: Playing with these magnetic pieces will help your child learn, recognise and form connections between numbers and operators.
Numbers and Operations: These 80 number and 64 operator magnets help your child understand and learn basic maths.
Love for Maths: Children are able to think and process basic arithmetic operations at an early age, and also develop a love for the subject.
Problem-solving Skills: The game focuses on learning maths through number recognition and operations. It subtly hones the problem-solving or cognitive ability in your child.
Productive Learning Aid: Little ones can play and learn to perform math operations and solve arithmetic problems earlier than their peers.

Brand – FirstCry Intelliskills
Type – Puzzle
Age – 3 Years+
Product Dimensions – L 31.75 x B 24.13 x H 3.81 cm

Product Description:
The Magnetic Number Fun game set enhances Number and Math skills in little learners. It also helps develop spatial, cognitive and logical skills. Children get to explore multiple ways to play with the set, and that ensures hours of screen-free fun. The set offers a perfect learning experience while introducing little ones to the exciting world of maths and numbers.

Items included in the Package:
80 Number Magnets
64 Operator Magnets
1 Magnetic Board

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